Combo Chew Apple Wood & Crops
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Combo Chew Apple Wood & Crispy Crops

Combo Chews are the perfect combinations of toys and chews in one. Natural chews keep teeth healthy and trim. Fun-shaped loofah piece keep your pet entertained. All-natural wood provides a tasty treat and comes from sustainable resources. Easily slides onto any of the Super Pet Ka-Bobs. Assortment includes corn and carrot shaped loofah material.

  • Combination of two fun chew materials ,encourages your pets natural chewing instincts
  • All natural apple wood and fun shaped corn and carrot shaped loofah chews will keep your pet entertained
  • Great for gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits and other furry friends.
  • 6.5" high, 4.5" wide, carded pack
  • Item #: 2692

Combo Chew Apple Wood & Crops

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