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Fly Season Has Begun!
Pyranha Fly Spray

Pyranha Fly Spray, 32 oz.


 Pyranha Zero-Bite, 32 oz.


UltraShield EX, 32 oz.


      Bronco, 32 oz.  


Info Corner

California Law Bans Over-The-Counter Antibiotics for Poultry

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that would ban the use of antibiotics to promote growth in livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens.  Starting January 1, 2018, Senate Bill 27 will prohibit the use of antibiotics in livestock unless it is ordered by a licensed veterinarian through a prescription.  Due to the passing of a similar bill that took effect earlier this year, most over-the-counter antibiotics have now been turned into prescription only, requiring a licensed veterinarian to see the animal before writing the prescription.

With other states now joining the antibiotic-free revolution, this has sparked an increase in the herbal remedies market for livestock, specifically poultry.  More companies are introducing herbal remedies to help with common poultry issues.  From Diatomaceous Earth to essential oils, manufacturers are now trying to offer a wide range of natural products to aid in overall poultry health.

Read more about CA Senate Bill 27

Herbal Alternatives for Poultry Now Available:
Durastat Layer-Boost   Lumino-Poultry

Durvet DuraStat with Oregano is a source of energy and essential oils to stimulate water consumption and appetite during disease conditions, shipping, weather change or stress.


Durvet Layer Boost with Omega-3 contains a blend of vitamins, electrolytes, enzyme, omega 3, and Marigold for daily use with layer chickens. Contains a source of live (viable) direct fed microorganisms.


Keep hens and roosters happy and healthy with Diatomaceous Earth.  Lumino DE is USDA Codex FOOD Grade and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.  It is 100% non-toxic.  It will not harm children, pets, livestock, poultry, plants, or the environment.
Available in 1.5, 4, & 8 lb. Bags

Starting at $17.95